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The values we instill in our technicians translates into great service.  A new brand with even better service than before. We think outside the box. 

Technology Outside the Box Programs (TOTB)

TOTB MSP Services

The everyday task of making sure your company’s data is safe and email is working properly, is a full time job. Ever worry or wonder what would happen if you lost emails, attachments or files that are essential to your company’s daily operations? With Tecvar’s redundant MSP services, such as email and spam filtering, data backup, virtual servers and storage, and overall monitoring services, your worries can be over.

TOTB Technology Outsourcing

Tecvar is an IT company that provides its clients with many advantages. Want the opportunity to have a team of technology experts only a phone call away? You can, and it might be much cheaper than you think. Our expert IT consultants will create a custom IT outsourcing program that will fit your company’s needs, as well as your budget. With our proven system, fifteen years in the making, we help you easily understand a set of key IT areas that will help you better prioritize and set YOUR IT goals and budgets.

TOTB Additive Labor Services

We at Tecvar treat all of our customers, no matter how big or small, with the same respect. Customer issues and/or objectives are also treated with the same level of intensity. We are able to accomplish this by providing our technical staff with both initial and ongoing training. What sets us apart is our focus on Great customer service skills, verbal and written communications skills, technical skills and processes that can be monitored, measured, reported, and managed. Our consultants, technicians, and help desk associates are not only extensively trained but they are passionate about what they do and take great pride in doing it.

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