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IT outsourcing St.Louis

Tecvar is an IT company that provides its clients with many advantages. Want the opportunity to have a team of technology experts only a phone call away? You can, and it might be much cheaper than you think. Our expert IT consultants will create a custom IT outsourcing program that will fit your company’s needs, as well as your budget.

There are many reasons to outsource your IT Department. Three primary reasons are:

  1. Support Costs

Businesses and Organizations are increasingly utilizing partial and complete IT Outsourcing to reduce overall support costs. However, there is no “one size fits all” IT Outsourcing answer for every company. Each implementation needs to consider the business objectives, culture, and budgets. We begin with a simple unobtrusive basic IT Audit and Analysis. We also have condensed meetings either on-site or off-site with key personnel to get a better understanding of the business initiatives, past pains, past successes, as well as budget and other possible constraints or obstacles. Then a design is created for an IT Outsourcing plan IT Outsourcing also allows your business the scalability required to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

  1. Technical Needs

Multi Platforms:
It is impossible for a single individual or small group of individuals to become an expert on every technology platform. By utilizing an “IT Outsourced Team,” your business or organization can utilize experts in each required area on each platform when you need them, without the cost burden of having each expert continually on payroll. Our experience shows that using technology experts when needed along with technology generalists results in not only superior technical solutions, but also more rapid and efficient execution of the work.

  1. Redundancy

By utilizing an “IT Outsourced Team,” your businesses or organization can have the personnel redundancy required to maintain operations when the unexpected occurs. Our IT Outsourcing Methodology requires that each area of the IT Department have multiple different IT personnel trained in each technology discipline we canstockphoto1745013support. We at Tecvar know that having redundancy in each area of your business is required for successful Contingency Planning, Disaster Recovery, and overall Business Continuity.

Tecvar’s IT Outsourcing methodology is based on a close relationship with our clients, good qualified staff, and excellent process management. We audit and document your environment to reduce risks, improve the efficiency of ongoing support, and help identify annual and long term budgets. We will work with you to establish a support schedule that meets your business and budget goals and objectives.