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Tecvar treats all of its customers, no matter how big or small with the same respect. Customer service is a quality that our entire staff of technicians and help desk associates is passionate about.  Let us take care of your company’s labor based service issues including:

  • Service Calls– Resources will be scheduled in a friendly and timely manner. Critical issues can be prioritized utilizing both remote and on-site resources. Our technicians keep both time and quality of service in mind while preforming services. These qualities save your company time and money.
  • Tech Project Based Services– From deploying a new server, firewall, or SAN, to upgrading your entire IT infrastructure, our IT experts will complete the job in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Consulting Group Services– Our consulting services affords your company the ability to get consulting from local IT experts. Therefore, enabling you to get services from the helpdesk technician, all the way up to CIO.
  • Preventative maintenance– Preventative maintenance is an important part of keeping costs down in the IT world, by reducing the likelihood of a major costly outage. Our technicians are able to perform state-of-the-art testing and preventative maintenance services to ensure that your equipment is always running and functioning as it should.