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The everyday task of making sure your company’s data is safe and email is working properly is a full time job. Ever wonder what would happen if you lost files that were essential to your company’s daily operations? Put your fears behind you and feel at ease with Tecvar’s MSP services.

  • Data backupData backup is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly. Files or software that are essential to your company’s everyday operations are at risk. Act today and ensure that your company’s data is safe. Tecvar offers data backup options for on-site, off-site, or both.

  • Email hosting and spam filtering-Email has become one of the most important tools in business today. Having quality email services that you can depend on are vital to any type of business. Tecvar enables businesses to have secure, redundant and quality email and spam filtering solutions.
  • Server and storage co-location services 
  • Virtual storage and servers
  • Monitoring & Security